Granite Group Co-founder and CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg

Posted: Mar 8, 2021 11:52:57 AM

GGA  co-founder on Bloomberg

Granite Group Co-founder Lyle Himebaugh is as comfortable sharing his insights into market trends with the media as he is with clients. Recently, he was interviewed by Bloomberg News on financial planning during the pandemic.

Himebaugh discussed Americans’ financial planning in light of the economic downturn due to Covid-19. He said he has seen relative consistency when it comes to retirement contributions among his clients. However, on the whole, Americans don’t put away enough for retirement.  If they have the option of a 401K plan with their company, they often don’t max out the contributions, losing out on a benefit of this retirement savings vehicle, a tax deduction via contributions made with pre-tax dollars.

Himebaugh was then asked what he thought of cannabis stocks and his answer to clients who ask about investing in them. He went on to explain that cannabis companies aren’t necessarily small companies anymore. They can be major operations with thousands of employees. These companies are worth an investment, with careful research, especially with more and more states considering legalization of marijuana.

To hear the full Bloomberg interview, CLICK HERE.

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